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offers the largest selection of merchandise from your favorite bands, tv shows, sports, movies, famous brands and much more. Get Band T-shirts, Outerwear and Memorabilia. We also sell band shirts, concert t shirts, rock clothing and music accessories.

BMU is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. You choose the Rock Shirts , We Do the Rest.

Three Laws you have to follow:

  • LAW ONE – Stay True To Yourself  : You need to make sure what you’re selling is true to your band’s image and something your fans want. If you make Norwegian electro pop music, the wrestling masks may not cut it. If you’re a gospel group, the thongs and shot glasses may be out.
  • LAW TWO – Multiplicity aka 1+1=3  :   One of the best things you can do with merch is create bundles of it with your music. We’ve found artists have increased sales by as much as 40% by including a shirt, hat, autographed items, etc. And their fans love them for it.
  • LAW THREE – Fans want Something Special :   Make sure the merch you’re offering is a limited edition or if you can, a one of a kind item. Exclusivity makes things special, and who doesn’t want to do something special for their fans.

“The Three Laws Of Music Merchandising Success”